Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shawty Lo doing it big for Cincinnati

Shawty Lo remarked"I've been arrested 28 times and been convicted 4 times....that's why it's good to be here." This statement was even more validated by his asking of the crowd to come closer, and then urging to have the lights come on so that the fans could get quality pictures with him. Anticipation was high for the D4L member at the lounge spot called Cabo's in Cincinnati, OH April 2nd. Cabo's, a venue meant for karaokes and suede couch V.I.P. sections, built a boat like dock platform for Shawty Lo to perform on. The platform wasn't sturdy enough to hold Shawty Lo and his entourage, he still gave the crowd his all. His performance reminded us why he we bumped heavy his street anthems "I'm Da Man", "Foolish", "Dunn Dunn", and many others. His strong statement at the beginning of this was a prelude to his "Feels Good to Be Here", where he states "he musta done something right". That statement is worth agreeing to.

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