Thursday, August 30, 2018

Track Review of "Mononeon" from Album Testimonializm "The Symphony in J Minor"

Track Review of "Mononeon" from Album Testimonializm 

Cincinnati artist J-Skillz delivers us a groovy retro record on his album Testimonializm. With  production reminiscent of  Zapp (sampled in songs like California Love, Knockin Da Boots, Keep Ya Head Up). Paying homage to the originators of G-Funk, J-Skillz delivers relaxed, playful verses over varied guitar runs and finger snaps. Listeners will also here an influence of T-Pain's "Buy You A Drink" across the record as well, giving it a more modern but still dated flare. The song ends with a skit that gives preview of the rapper's comedic spins laced across the rest of the album.

This record and album can be found on major streaming channels everywhere.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Buddy: Reigning Prince of LA

Buddy: Reigning West Coast Prince
His rap moniker may conjure of thoughts of simplicity but this West Coast rapper is anything but that. Coming into the industry, being the last artist of Star Trek label at just 16 - we long waited his triumphant return. Harlan and Alondra debuts his array of talent and his maturity since we heard him rapping about his teenage misfit years.

Here’s what tracks I absolutely can’t get enough of:

  • Shameless. Beginning with an intro that demonstrates his ups and downs while pursuing his love of music. The hook, the production, amplifies his persona while helping us to get a clearer vision of his goals as an artist.
  • Hey Up There. Once again acknowledging that the road to success can get weary, he enlists the help of Ty Dollar $ign to illustrate that it’s not where they are, but where they are on their way to, that we should be in expectation for.
  • The Blue. With smooth, souled vocals similar to Anderson Paak, Buddy croons on this track. Snoop Dogg joins him on this metaphoric soulful record.
  • Speechless. Explicit about his intimacy skills, Buddy paints a surprisingly mature and vivid picture about his bedroom tricks.
  • Trippin’. Buddy and Khalid deliver us honest about the journey they experience under the influence.

Harlan and Alondra is a must play for the summertime.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Single Review: Summertime by Meaux

New Orleans native Meaux, whose vocals have been used on Kid Rock's albums, who has been the opening act for performers like Darius Rucker and whose dance moves have brought her on stage with acts like BeyoncĂ© - Meaux is breaking out on her own. Now that we’ve had a chance to gleam at her background, let’s get to her new record, Summertime.                                                                                                                                                              A melodic pop record with crisp percussion that carries a  sprinkled deep bass line. Meaux layers the track with a mid-range and at times breathy voice. Lyrically, the song appears to be about a reminiscing summer love that didn’t reach its full potential. Even  lyric reminiscent of Erykah Badu’s Next Lifetime with Meaux’s Line “maybe in another life, we can get it right".
While I have an strong appreciation for the cadence and production change in the bridge and feel that the expanding production at the end of the song will serve as a great way for Meaux to showcase her choreography - the mix quality and lyrics become hard to distinguish in the second verse. This clarity issue gives me some trouble following her love lost story. However, overall this record has the potential to be a good introduction for Meaux to showcase her many talents. 

For more information on  Meaux, click here.