Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yon L.I. Mixtape Review

Yon L.I. proudly proclaims on his latest mixtape that he has a song for every category. Let's check the validity of this statement and discuss his overall project.

What does one rap about? Lifestyle? Money? Partying? Ambitions? World Events? If art imitates life, then Yon L.I. raps about his fight first then don't ask questions later friends, and his turbulent relationship with a overly promiscuous women he grew fond of. While his confidence enables him to comfortably give energy to his tracks, the content suffers. The songs would have workable similes but lack lasting metaphors and vivid imagery. Life for him appears simplistic because he rarely gives mention to any fashion, partying, technology or preference to vehicles. Luckily the artist that are featured give the track what Yon L.I. didn't deliver.

His best shines forth when he speaks of his ambitions. His flow over the Tribe Called Quest beat makes you believe that he respected that group and wanted to continue the positive, thought provoking messages and lighthearted flow that made them unforgettable.

To some Yon L.I. up you would pay attention because when he speaks he brings life to his delivery flow. Yet, you would lose him with his displacement of concept. Yon L.I.'s mixtape should be best listened to for his elementary street endeavors over hyperactive beats.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pry tha Great

" You are one of the most underrated rappers in the city", remarked one of the judges. The praise this artist received was unusual considering the circumstances. December 5th was the first night of three preliminary rounds that will be given to prepare Cincinnati for DefJam's arrival in February. To know that Pry tha Great is a respected artist, set him apart from the pack early on.

By Desha L. Elliott


Nuk's stage presence speaks volumes for him as an artist. He introduces himself, and his dancers. He lets his crowd know that they are in for a lesson. The beat drops and his hot new single "Nati Dance" has you enticed and wanting to imitate his new dance moves. With high energy he gives you his verses, while his body gives you rhythm and smooth movement. His baby face along with his confidence adds just what is needed to command your attention.
Offstage and in the college world, Nuk is known as Nakeen Robinson born May 20, 1990 in southside Chicago. He's been in Cincinnati since his early teenage years and attends Northern Kentucky University. He was told he shouldn't take his rapping abilities seriously. Yet, after beginning college (the same day his father passed), and having financial struggles, he renewed his passion for sharing his rapping talent with the world.
He wants his fans to know that he makes his music for them. Every song he writes is from personal experience. He believes that people need something to relate to and find comfort in. Nuk admits that he is mistaken for a singer and a pretty boy. The truth is he is a grown college kid with a dream- to make the whole world hear and love his lyrics. His mixtape Laptop Music has been available since December 8, 2010.
By: Desha L. Elliott