Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Word on DevonshireSmith

The most advice I received when the family knew I finished high school was go to college. Basic, right? The how-to apply, how-to act or how-to cope speech was never given. Well Michael Griffin and Blanche Pringle-Smith want to change the perception and your game plan that you have in terms of your or your children's higher education. Together these two have thirty years of experience in the educational world. Their company, DevonshireSmith endeavors to help urban communities, educational institutes and nonprofit organizations reach their full potential. On this rainy April 9th, a group of us are given the real low down truth about preparing for college and how to achieve graduation. With statistics they show that in 6 years only 48% of Hispanics and only 42% of African Americans are graduating college this information is dully needed. DevonshireSmith has another session on how to be a minority on a predominately white campus on May 21st. You can follow this company on twitter @devonshiresmith and press "like" on facebook on their DevonshireSmith Diversity and Education Solutions page.

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