Tuesday, March 8, 2011


What is it about a casino, that makes it the place to be? Is it the many games that give us a chance to cash out and cash in? Or is it the grand selection of entertainment that leaves us with memories that last a lifetime? Whatever the reason, the allure of the casino could be what also comes from listening to Akron, Ohio native artist Kahsyno's mixtape- "Memoirs Of /a Traveler". His lighthearted lyrics over well produced beats will take you out of any dreary environment and put you in a joyous state of mind. It is a delight to hear Kahsyno's sense of fashion and like of pop culture that influences his persona and shows us where he has been and where he's about to go. Cashing out on Kahsyno would be of your best interest if an energetic, entertained state of mind is what you want to achieve.

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