Friday, April 22, 2011

State of the City Address

"(Cincinnatians) We don't lsy down, we don't give up.", exclaimed Mark Mallory. I'm not even from Cincinnati, but I felt inspired to do anything I want to do. Mayor Mallory gave the State of The City Address at the Duke Convention Center last night. When you used the sentence "In these economic times..." I was going to begin to put on the bored face and slouch in my seat. Then he puts a positive spin to the sentence. "In these economic times (or through similar times)..." P&G started their company,Union Terminal built their structure by the stock market, and the Carew Tower and Great American Insurance buildings were built. In these economic times:

3CDC is investing $200 million into revitalizing Over The Rhine
$42 million Horseshow Casino in the northeast downtown
$128 million Streetcar system

Cincinnati has acheived:
Muralworks has employed youth to draw murals on buildings and structures
Revamped a recycle program
Cincinnati Public Schools graduation rate 51% in 2000 and now is 80%
CityRama built 28 homes in Northside

All of this in these tough economic times.

Every great leader or invention went through opposition. If you want to see something great come into existence, do your utmost to get it done. Don't listen to the naysayers. Don't lay down. Don't give up.

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