Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wanting To Claim His Stake In The Game... Introducing James Worthy

            Upon meeting James Worthy, his disposition is calm. His demeanor is cool. Yet behind his easygoingness, is a man wanting to get down to business and make great music. Living in  Atlanta, Georgia, as an established producer and songwriter, James Worthy aka J Dreamz has found his own sound to be a mix between melodic hip hop/rnb, neo soul, and urban music.  James has also worked with various artists such as; Yung Berg, Jovan Dais, Coke Boyz, Bobby Brown Jr, Kesan, Jamie Foxx, and many others.  James has added a team element to his music making repertoire with his company, Dream Musik Productions.

Here's some of my favorites from him:

Tabi Bonney ft. Fat Trel- TOHL

Yung Berg - Electric disco

Bobby Brown Jr - Coolin
Follow James Worthy on Twitter and stay up to date with his movement: @DreammusikGroup

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Last Adam

I think growing up you appreciate every mentor and every person that made you feel that you were someone to be appreciated even when others tell you different. Coach Adams was that guiding light for a group of children that consider themselves the Bama Rascals. Twenty years pass, the children grow up and have to reunite to Coach Adams' funeral.

When middle-aged Bobby Jackson (Leonard Roberts) returns home to Lake City, Alabama, he and his friends are forced to have to face their troubling pasts. This movie has you wondering how you can overcome temptation before it has a hold on you.

This is a family film that teaches you the power of forgiveness, this a definite watch!

Faithwerks Films:

Kevin Hart's "Let Me Explain" Movie Review


The movie opens up as Kevin Hart is dispelling rumors circulating his love life and career. To combat them all, Kevin decides that he wants to address matters in a public way, hence, taking it to Madison Square Garden. Kevin lets us take a glimpse into his life as he proves his making legendary moves worldwide. I think when we as humans are able to admit our mistakes in life and laugh at ourselves we are able to grow as a person. Kevin did this when he went into details as to what hid character flaws are and as to why his marriage failed. This a definite must-see!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

No More Games

While watching No More Games, it was amazing to me the amount of women that Myron (Emmbre Perry) was able to seduce. Can anyone tame him? Persia White comes into the film testing whether or not Myron's reputation will always precede him.

I also enjoyed the additional dilemmas that this story had to offer. Ray Lavender brought a sincerity and passion to his character. Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't appreciate the comedy that Tommy Ford brought to the screen.

Check out more about this film here:
No More Games

Shake The Movie

Deidre Thomas is the Director of the flick, Shake which stars Thomas "Luscious" Crawley. Luscious is in desperate need to get away from his gangster boss and father, that is played by Clifton Powell. Luscious takes his hustling to new heights. Luscious soon discovers that it isn't an easy feat to make fast money and find true love.

This is definitely a ladies night movie. A movie that will make you wish you were the fly on the wall or the fingers tracing Luscious' delightful body.

You can see more about the film here: Shake The Movie

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Jacksonville Experience

When I mentioned to someone that I was staying in Jacksonville, FL for awhile, they simply replied "isn't that place country?" Country, meaning simplied or stupid,. Now as a Native Kentuckian who loves put the world "Y'ALL" in my everyday vernacular, there's a sense of simplicity that resonates in me. Yet, I love my "country" people and places. At the end of the day if those people and places show you love, then you give that love right back. Jacksonville has culture, diversity and rich history. There is truly something to do whether you're in Duval County, St. Augustine or Orange Park. My goal in writing this piece is to let you see what you can experience if you ever are around Jacksonville's parts.

Family Activities:
Jacksonville has a pretty decent size beach area and even great fishing opportunities that even your most beginning fisher can enjoy. There's the Jacksonville Jaguars,  for the raving football fans and the Jacksonville Giants (ABA Division) for the basketball fans.

The Landing has great food, entertainment (Rush Street, Concerts), galleries (go see Adrian Pickett's work!) and more.
  • Arts, Music, Food
Artwalk (happens every 1st Wednesday of the month) brings out the creative flavor in Jacksonville and for a split second I thought I was in a mini version of Times Square with the painters on the sidewalk and the cypher being conducted outside. Martini Mondays and Cometry liven the night at the Square One establishment. Endo Exo and Jack Rabbits, Zodiac can cater to your grown and musical interests of any kind The Ritz Theater and Museum have their Amateur Night every 1st Friday (except in July and August) along with other musical events and dance ensembles. The Real Ting Cafe every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursday is where you must respect the mic as poetry and music permeates the air.
The restaurants here have food that make you want to renig on any new year's resolution and diet plan. I remember the first time I stood in line at Potter's House and this attractive young lady that resembled Barbie informed me that the place was her addiction and that I must try the smothered pork chops. I did and I understand her addiction. Three Layers Cafe has amazing wine tastings every 1st Tuesday of the month. They also have this wonderful make-your-own salad special for lunch and their 4 Berry smoothie leaves me wanting every drop. And I'd be amiss if I didn't mention the great southern cooking of Celebs Corner Kitchen, their fresh fruit and fresh seafood will entice all of your tastebuds!

Special Events to look out for:

-One Spark. One Spark is a five-day event for creators, innovators, movers and shakers. From April 17- 21, 2013, artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators will display projects in a 1.5 mile radius, multi-venue gallery in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. Imagine contributing to next big thing while creating love and appreciation for one's community as well.

-Jacksonville Jazz Festival  5/23 - 5/26

And if your in JAX and you need photographers (Blue Franswa and his team,Digital Miss Designs), music recording studios (Vision Sound Recording, Winlab Squad and Cypress Records) for their professionalism!