Thursday, December 22, 2011

Women Who Rock at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

On a recent venture out to Cleveland, I didn't think I would find anything uniquely interesting about it. Fortunately I was able to enjoy the many artifacts at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I especially appreciated the chance to see the connection between Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, LaVern Baker, Janet Jackson, and many other women.

They were women that rocked! Their vision, passion and power liberated women everywhere with their musical milestones. The Women Who Rock exhibit is there until February 26, 2012. It's a must-see!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Expose, Edify & Renew!

What is there left to think of one's self when you have a joint in one hand and a bible in the other? To try to cover over her smoking addiction, Annette attempted to shield her fingers with latex gloves and her face with plastic wrappings. Annette Richardson has spent a lifetime living the life of a gangster and of someone gulled. In her new book "Expose, Edify and Renew" she reveals her revelations on her life and her relationship with God. For a copy of this book contact: (513)470-5519.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DrDeshaLLC Youtube Page!

I apologize for my absence in the blogger world....while I love divulging information in this blog, I have made it so you can hear, see and be captivated with the thoughts and wisdom of DrDesha along my many travels! I appreciate all that have scrolled down my blog site and I now ask that you check out my youtube page. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Outta Here" by AvAtor Hughes

Outta Here is presented as a party record over a production that sounds out of this world. AvAtor Hughes raps playfully about intiating attraction with another young, beautiful lady. Phenom croons over the chorus about a result much anticipated. This track leaves you with a young and carefree spirit. Buy it now on iTunes!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Sharkface Publishing is looking to crown their next freestyle king at THE REAL OPEN MIC at MAD FROG. A succession of battle nights will happen every other tuesday for the next month. The first one will be on 9-20-2011. Mad Frog is located on 1 E Mcmillian St Cincinnnati Ohio. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

#ManonFire Vincent Vega Album Review

How does one define an MC? gives this description "
Master of Ceremonies or Microphone Controller. A rapper who is either the host of an event; someone with enough flow and skill to be considered a master of the art of rap." Man on Fire is Vincent Vega's effort to prove he has enough flow and skill to be considered a master of his craft.

Sorry, no snap your fingers, gun totting music over this way. Vega condones commercial rap with the line "lyrics don't mean a thing, just find a nice beat and act like you killed it." Vincent Vega's love is music and discusses his relationship with her, especially in songs like in "Hear Every Rhyme."

Applaud him for the cd's great production, mesh-well but not overpowering collabos and lyrical content. Hats off to him for promoting local businesses (become a member of and nod your head to the way he supports the artists he works with (get the album and follow everyone associated!). Is Vincent Vega a MC? We'll give him the Kanye shrug and acknowledge this to be true.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Froggystyle Album Review

Hoodi Justice and Steezo Crooks from Minority have put out a reminder/reintroduction to their music. This pair was the same two that served you with the albums "Afros in the back row (I heard that and became a fan), and "Rap Rejects". Now they're back with Froggystyle. A compilation of feel good, college party music ripped over classic 80's and 90's beats.

You remember where you were when you heard A Tribe Called Quest with their song "Bonita Applebum"? What about all the numbers you got at the neighborhood cookout while Will Smith's "Summertime" was blasted through the speakers? These moments are ingrained in your soul. That's why most people frown on those who rap over classics, because if they lack theme, metaphors, and imagery then they have done the song a disservice.

With Froggystyle you don't have to search long and hard for the theme, imagery or metaphors. Minority has acknowledged that majority of their fans are the college party type and have catered to them for most of the album. Your welcomed into their life from lines like "I'll be faithful, i'll never break your heart that dangles from your navel." You find out that the unlikeliest of characters even indulge in their festive activities like on the bonus track "SpongeBob". Everyone they invited to the party (collaborations) kept the party going as well.

Minority has chosen the frog to be their symbolic party animal. And if your looking to party, you need to find out where their lilypad is.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

DJ Funeral Fresh

The week has been stressful. Deadlines approaching, irritating bosses and whiny kids. To get away from it all you put on your evening’s best and head to one of the hottest clubs in town. Upon arriving you notice a few key things- that the place is packed and your favorite song is blaring through the speakers. This inspires you to dance freely. As you find yourself lost in the music you look up to the man controlling your music and say to yourself “Thank God for the DJ.”
The appreciation for the DJ mentioned above is what the Urban/Hip Hop scene in Cincinnati has felt for DJ Funeral Fresh since 2006, and who is now taking his talents to New York. I sat down with him to take a closer look at the man behind the DJ booth. Let’s zone in on a few questions he answered.

DrDesha: Who and what taught you how to DJ?

Funeral Fresh: I been making actual mixtapes since 7th grade. Back then I out them in my Walkman and listened to music while doing work in class. In 05’ I had virtual DJ and in 06’ I brought my first turntable. My turntable was an American Audio. All the popular DJ’s back then used to look at him funny when he go to parties with his American Audio.

DrDesha: Does being a DJ help you get a lot of love from the ladies? Do you have a lady?

Funeral Fresh: When I was the new kid at Winton Woods (2003-2004) all the girls wanted to know who I was, so I was popular in high school from that. The girls like the music I play. Yeah, I’m single. I like a girl who’s cool and unique, I get bored quick.

DrDesha: Who do you support or deal with regularly from Cincinnati?

Funeral Fresh: Anybody from Committee Media Group (his promotions and media company).

DrDesha: What is something you like to tell your fans?

Funeral Fresh: I don’t really call my fans, fans. I’d even kick it with my fans. I want to tell my fans to f&*k with me. Keep believing in me and my team.

Being able to catch up with Funeral Fresh after his long flight from New York was a great experience. With his laid back persona, he’ll tell that he’s a great DJ but not star studded- even though he’s DJ’d events that had Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, Soulja Boy and many other celebrities as guests.

So the next time you are at the club, check for the crowd, tip the bartender and check to see if Funeral Fresh is the DJ. All those elements combined make it a great night.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Album Review of "The Recipe 2"

Remember how you use to always love your grandma's cooking? How the aroma would fill the whole house? She told you that one day she would pass down the recipe to you so you could make the meal your own. The Recipe 2 is Crack Sauce's second attempt to cook up a feast for their ever hungry, ever ready fans.

It's safe to say that this time Crack Sauce was aiming to cook us a roast. When cooking a roast, you have to put it on low heat for about 2 to 4 hours. If the heat is turned up too high you run the risk of the roast being too dry. Such was the case with Bozo, Back Out My Face and Lady Currency where the energy and aggressiveness overpowered the lyrics. The features on the album added an interesting blend of spices. "Get It" with Picasso and Vincent Vega meat tenderized the meal with their flair. There were interesting and out of the order combinations of spices/features on "Turn it up" and "That Mess". Even though the appearance of the roast and the all around feel for the album is questionable, you taste songs like "Underdog Music" and "Where are you" and you get that fulfilled taste you search for in every meal. You then understand that even though it's not how Grandma used to make it, but you see where their best efforts were made.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


"If you felt you overdid it you were just now doing it!" exclaimed Donnie "Hollywood" McFinley. Together Hollywood and Ty are Dynamite Attraction Presents That's Hollywood and on May 14th they brought their exclusivity in fashion to the House of Blaque Thai. The fashionable attire for the day was Ladies in their swimsuits and pumps and Fellas with swag in their trunks. This is one of many extravagant events that will be used for Brennan Pearl's (Pearl Production) "Half Married, Half Seperated, Half Crazy" film that will take place in Cincinnati. Take note of this photograph taken by Chris Kuettner, makes you want to never D.A.P.T.H. event again- doesnt it?!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lil Flip

One time freestlye King who made Smash hits like "Game Over", "Sunshine", Lil Flip is back around again with new mixtape material and a renewed sense of energy. He made a stop at The Real Open Mic night in Cincinnati. Going non-stop for 45 minutes onstage, reminded us once again why we put Lil Flip's music in rotation. When asked about his song "Kim Kardashian" he noted that the song "mistakenly came about". If those mistakes turn out to be more hits we need you to keep making them. Flip! Flip! Flip!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First of Many CR2 Promotion Events!

Many were in anticipation for a Takeover Pt. 3 that had so many prominent HipHop stars on one ticket! CR2 Promotions pulled it off successfully! Beginning the show with an around-the-way songstress, getting Indy's Young Zay and Georgia's Ole E, then ending it with a paper plane and Nex Generation special. Special thanks to the incense vendor and to the opportunity to have a Victoria secret gift card raffled. Its tons of fun when CR2 is involved. Look for the next show from them May 1st.

Friday, April 22, 2011

State of the City Address

"(Cincinnatians) We don't lsy down, we don't give up.", exclaimed Mark Mallory. I'm not even from Cincinnati, but I felt inspired to do anything I want to do. Mayor Mallory gave the State of The City Address at the Duke Convention Center last night. When you used the sentence "In these economic times..." I was going to begin to put on the bored face and slouch in my seat. Then he puts a positive spin to the sentence. "In these economic times (or through similar times)..." P&G started their company,Union Terminal built their structure by the stock market, and the Carew Tower and Great American Insurance buildings were built. In these economic times:

3CDC is investing $200 million into revitalizing Over The Rhine
$42 million Horseshow Casino in the northeast downtown
$128 million Streetcar system

Cincinnati has acheived:
Muralworks has employed youth to draw murals on buildings and structures
Revamped a recycle program
Cincinnati Public Schools graduation rate 51% in 2000 and now is 80%
CityRama built 28 homes in Northside

All of this in these tough economic times.

Every great leader or invention went through opposition. If you want to see something great come into existence, do your utmost to get it done. Don't listen to the naysayers. Don't lay down. Don't give up.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Valuable Businesses on Vine Street

I am in a Writing for Social Change class where we are analyzing the media and corporations' dealings and perceptions that they give of Over The Rhine (OTR). Over The Rhine has went through its years of cultural change and uprising(s).

Yet there's an untapped and hidden beauty surrounding OTR and the evidence is in those who have and are looking to invest in the neighborhood. As a small business owner, I understand this need for capitalization and went on an adventure to see how the present businesses are handling things.
The pictures above with an art gallery feel are from the Switch Lighting & Design, LLC. Drew Dearwester and Bertie Ray III opened Switch in 2008. They service and consult personal and commercial clients throughout the region and from New York City to San Francisco on modern lighting. Mr.Bertie Ray III contributes the success of his business to the location he's in. Learn more about Switch at

The man I am pictured with is named Terrance Heath. Heath is 51 years old and is on his third attempt to obtain his GED. He believes he is going to get it this time because of his tutoring he's received through Power Inspires Progress (PIP). PIP also employed him at the Venice on Vine restaurant and trained him how to be a server, dishwasher and cook so he can gain employment after his 12-14 month stint with the program. As I take a bite into my well prepared, steamy hot steak hoagie and share a joke with the employees, it was hard for me to imagine the people working there had employment barriers. They are having a fundraiser event on May 6th from 5:30PM to 9:00PM. PIP definitely gives power to the people, so I will definitely be in attendance.

In my class, I seen the media portray OTR as place unfit for travels. Yet, I have come to feel an elegance and sense of community in OTR that makes you forget the woes of this world.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

J-Skillz Bday Bash!

Who else can bring out Hi-Tek, Jai All Day, Remedy and other great artists and chefs (Damian Smith, we see you!) The infamous J-Skillz thrown a birthday bash filled with free gifts and free food that would make Oprah smile! Many are highly anticipating the release of Bozo 2, and the bash was to remind us that the album is coming soon. I don't know what it is about that Crack Sauce that has us coming back for more...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

OTR Activism Realism

You won't see Claudia Fatimah Peery-Smith's name in a history book. Yet that doesn't take away what she did for her community and what responsibility she has given the future youth. She was a resident of Over The Rhine (OTR) neighborhood in Cincinnati from 1986 to 2001 and even did previous activism work for OTR in the 1970's. On a Sunday in March where the sun is very generous, guest interviewer Kelly Clark and I had the opportunity to have a sit down lunch with Ms. Peery-Smith. She went into the history of OTR, a place where the German immigrants worked and lived. Prior to WWI you had to be able to speak German to work in the community. As time moved on an influx of Appalachians came. Then African Americans moved in while the immigrants moved out towards the suburbs. Ms. Peery-Smith gives the federal government credit for giving funding towards section 8. The OTR had so many apartment buildings due to the previous German factory owners building them for their workers to live in. Section 8 seemed to benefit more so the landlords then the residents. The name of the game is capitalism. Since the people moving into the Section 8 property weren't given chances for ownership then it was easy to get rid of them.

We engaged in discussion about the uprising in OTR in April 2001. Media has portrayed it as being something similar to when wild animals escape from the zoo. Yet Peery-Smith brought out the glory moments. Her eyes seemed to glaze as she spoke of the triumphant moment when the community took a City Council meeting into their own hands and made City Council realize they meant business. She seemed to relive the moment where during the uproar she escorted the reporters into a safe space in the wall so that they could observe safely all that had arose.

Her tone softened as she spoke of what the future may hold for OTR and other neighborhoods like it. She believed the telling her story and instilling positive change in the youths will guarantee that the future can be taken care of.

Are you doing what you can to make a positive change in the world? Or are you leaving it to chance?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


John C.K. Fisher joined the NKU NAACP tonight to educate ones on how to stay protected in the workforce and in society. Mr. Fisher is a Field Supervisor at the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights. The topic of employee discrimination became an issue to the Northern Kentucky University NAACP because of someone in the community wanting justice for alleged discrimination in the workplace. Mr. Fisher informed the organization the ways you can be discriminated and how not to practice discrimination in the work environment. The segment ended with a video concerning the history of different ethnic and racial groups coming to America and starting their life over in spite of being poor and discriminated against. To be educated is to be empowered. To become active in the NAACP or learn more about protecting Human Rights you can contact or

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Word on DevonshireSmith

The most advice I received when the family knew I finished high school was go to college. Basic, right? The how-to apply, how-to act or how-to cope speech was never given. Well Michael Griffin and Blanche Pringle-Smith want to change the perception and your game plan that you have in terms of your or your children's higher education. Together these two have thirty years of experience in the educational world. Their company, DevonshireSmith endeavors to help urban communities, educational institutes and nonprofit organizations reach their full potential. On this rainy April 9th, a group of us are given the real low down truth about preparing for college and how to achieve graduation. With statistics they show that in 6 years only 48% of Hispanics and only 42% of African Americans are graduating college this information is dully needed. DevonshireSmith has another session on how to be a minority on a predominately white campus on May 21st. You can follow this company on twitter @devonshiresmith and press "like" on facebook on their DevonshireSmith Diversity and Education Solutions page.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Kreative Connektionz Shyning in Cincinnati

Kreative Connektionz was an anticipated dance duo that was the highlight of the Time to Shyne Talent Showcase in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 7th. They were also the ones with the positive feel behind the show. It was hosted by First Lady and Streetz (of Beige Team). Acts and guests included: First Lady, Kreative Connektionz, Jai All Day, NeX Generation, The Beige Team, Yon Li, Wyte Gold, Skandal da Ruckus Man, A. Dre Deshawn, and many more. Kreative Connektionz consists of Devante Hines, 19 and Ebony aka Laylaa Jones, 21. Devante hailing from New York and Ebony from New Jersey just want to broaden the horizons in Cincinnati with their talent. Both noticed a tendency of certain Cincinnati dancers to do "one style of dance" and for the people to have a dislike of outsiders. The dynamic duo doesn't seem to mind the rigidness of their new Cincy home, they just will continue to show their high version of fashion and eclectic dance moves. Catch them again at Dirty Jacks on April 21st 10PM.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shawty Lo doing it big for Cincinnati

Shawty Lo remarked"I've been arrested 28 times and been convicted 4 times....that's why it's good to be here." This statement was even more validated by his asking of the crowd to come closer, and then urging to have the lights come on so that the fans could get quality pictures with him. Anticipation was high for the D4L member at the lounge spot called Cabo's in Cincinnati, OH April 2nd. Cabo's, a venue meant for karaokes and suede couch V.I.P. sections, built a boat like dock platform for Shawty Lo to perform on. The platform wasn't sturdy enough to hold Shawty Lo and his entourage, he still gave the crowd his all. His performance reminded us why he we bumped heavy his street anthems "I'm Da Man", "Foolish", "Dunn Dunn", and many others. His strong statement at the beginning of this was a prelude to his "Feels Good to Be Here", where he states "he musta done something right". That statement is worth agreeing to.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


What is it about a casino, that makes it the place to be? Is it the many games that give us a chance to cash out and cash in? Or is it the grand selection of entertainment that leaves us with memories that last a lifetime? Whatever the reason, the allure of the casino could be what also comes from listening to Akron, Ohio native artist Kahsyno's mixtape- "Memoirs Of /a Traveler". His lighthearted lyrics over well produced beats will take you out of any dreary environment and put you in a joyous state of mind. It is a delight to hear Kahsyno's sense of fashion and like of pop culture that influences his persona and shows us where he has been and where he's about to go. Cashing out on Kahsyno would be of your best interest if an energetic, entertained state of mind is what you want to achieve.

No Pry Zone Mixtape

In anticipation for the release of his upcoming album release, Pry Tha Great gives us a morsel of what to expect on his sophomore album entitled "Su-Pry and Demand". To get a sense of Pry's true lyricist abilities you must listen to "Take A Breather." Su-Pry and Demand will be available March 18th.

Make My City Proud DefJam Showcase

Kevin Wales (who is credited for 112, Monica, Jagged Edge, etc) isn't a man of many words. Yet last night at the Make My City Proud DefJam Showcase (at Celeberties)he had much to speak on when it came to the talent. Him and a crew of other DefJam representatives watched eagerly as the artist tried to impress the judges with their talent. Bootsie Collins was even grooving to the many acts that came from Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Judge favorites included Sam Minneli, #1 Dirtbagg, The Entity and The Beige Team, and many more. This event was put on and sponsored by JC3ent, Faith Daniels and DrDesha, LLC.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Skandal's BDay Bash!

Last night at Dirty Jack's, Skandal da Ruckus Man's had a grand birthday bash fit for kings. The night unraveled with the introduction of the Sharkface Team. Also announced was Skandal's second forthcoming album "The Hulk Hogan Leg Drop." Delivering to the crowd a few tracks that paid homage to old school HipHop and contained a rocker edge, Skandal livened up the crowd. Vincent Vega, The Beige Team, CJ the Cynic 76, K-Riley, Ms. T, Pretty Hood, and #1Dirtbagg. All showcased their mind blowing talent and greatly appreciated Skandal for his many years of life and service to HipHop.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Beige Team

Faith Daniels, a Radio one Personality gave them nothing but rave reviews for their performance January 11th at the Mad Frog in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are said to be the greatest competitor in the Make My City Proud DefJam Showcase that will happen at NKU February 18th. Who are these great contenders?

The Beige Team hails from Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Steven King comments that
"while everyone is aware of where the boats are (casinos), they dont know we
also have great talent. Great talent is apparent everytime they step on
stage. With their smash hit "Paper Planes" they give us metaphorical images
of success inside their lyrics in conjunction with a soft melodic hook.

The Beige Team is apart of C-Gram City Productionz. They're are all from Lawrenceburg except for Streetz, he's from a hood near you. The members are Perry Louis Rich, Monsta Cody, D-Day, and Streetz is our R&B man.

In case you aren't aware The Beige Team is named for the combination of
their skin tones. So while you are noticing the hues in their skin also look
for their determination and lyrical skills that nake them the pilots of
their destiny.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yon L.I. Mixtape Review

Yon L.I. proudly proclaims on his latest mixtape that he has a song for every category. Let's check the validity of this statement and discuss his overall project.

What does one rap about? Lifestyle? Money? Partying? Ambitions? World Events? If art imitates life, then Yon L.I. raps about his fight first then don't ask questions later friends, and his turbulent relationship with a overly promiscuous women he grew fond of. While his confidence enables him to comfortably give energy to his tracks, the content suffers. The songs would have workable similes but lack lasting metaphors and vivid imagery. Life for him appears simplistic because he rarely gives mention to any fashion, partying, technology or preference to vehicles. Luckily the artist that are featured give the track what Yon L.I. didn't deliver.

His best shines forth when he speaks of his ambitions. His flow over the Tribe Called Quest beat makes you believe that he respected that group and wanted to continue the positive, thought provoking messages and lighthearted flow that made them unforgettable.

To some Yon L.I. up you would pay attention because when he speaks he brings life to his delivery flow. Yet, you would lose him with his displacement of concept. Yon L.I.'s mixtape should be best listened to for his elementary street endeavors over hyperactive beats.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pry tha Great

" You are one of the most underrated rappers in the city", remarked one of the judges. The praise this artist received was unusual considering the circumstances. December 5th was the first night of three preliminary rounds that will be given to prepare Cincinnati for DefJam's arrival in February. To know that Pry tha Great is a respected artist, set him apart from the pack early on.

By Desha L. Elliott


Nuk's stage presence speaks volumes for him as an artist. He introduces himself, and his dancers. He lets his crowd know that they are in for a lesson. The beat drops and his hot new single "Nati Dance" has you enticed and wanting to imitate his new dance moves. With high energy he gives you his verses, while his body gives you rhythm and smooth movement. His baby face along with his confidence adds just what is needed to command your attention.
Offstage and in the college world, Nuk is known as Nakeen Robinson born May 20, 1990 in southside Chicago. He's been in Cincinnati since his early teenage years and attends Northern Kentucky University. He was told he shouldn't take his rapping abilities seriously. Yet, after beginning college (the same day his father passed), and having financial struggles, he renewed his passion for sharing his rapping talent with the world.
He wants his fans to know that he makes his music for them. Every song he writes is from personal experience. He believes that people need something to relate to and find comfort in. Nuk admits that he is mistaken for a singer and a pretty boy. The truth is he is a grown college kid with a dream- to make the whole world hear and love his lyrics. His mixtape Laptop Music has been available since December 8, 2010.
By: Desha L. Elliott