Monday, September 7, 2015

Are You Considered a Yeller on Social Media?

Are you known as a yeller across your social media?

Some may be confused by this question because they may believe that in order for you to come off as yelling via written text you have to have exclamation points in your posts. Quite the contrary. If your social media is more of you constantly advertising your rates, mixed with buy nows and your discounts of the day- you're a yeller. You are the equivalent to a person with a bullhorn.

If you're a yeller, its very easy for you to get tuned out and people to get turned off by your messages. Try these tips in your next five posts and see the changes:

*Share your thoughts on a trending topic. For example if you're a budding restaurant owner talk about what inspired you or about your experience at another establishment.

*Thank your followers for following you. Realize that following others is a privilege

*Retweet if you like and agree with what you agree

*Share insight about your field or expertise

When you are a more talkative and becoming a source of information, more will gravitate towards in terms of followers, likes and customers.

Friday, May 29, 2015

The 1,2,3's of Entrepreneurship Book Review

Book Review: The 1, 2, 3s of Entrepreneurship 
Author: Shanti Das

Shanti Das took the leap of faith to start her expand her entrepreneurial wings within her hometown of Atlanta. While building her company, mistakes were made and often enough she considered throwing in the towel on her business pursuits. However she was able to stay motivated and resilient. By adhering to the wise counsel from established professionals in every industry, she was able to stay the course.  Shanti delves out thirty business and motivation tips to provide guidance and insight for today's business owner.

The tips that stick out to me:
-Never stop pitching. Your pitches may might not get an immediate yes, but a few months- or even a few years- down the road, the potential client may be interested in what you have to offer-Saptosa Foster & Shante Bacon from 135th Street Agency

-Excellence Begets Success. Integrity in your work is infectious. When you are excellent, people take notice, they respect you and will gravitate to you. Midwin Charles, Esq from Midwin Charles & Associates LLC, TV Legal Correspondent.

Check out more about this author, her book and her business: 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

G.O.A.T.s Only Great As Their Teams

Lebron has amazed us with his ability to work his way to his 5th NBA Final. Making bold decisions, including figuring out whether to leave or stay with Cleveland. The masses want to appoint Lebron with the label G.O.A.T., but has he earned it yet?

In Phil Jackson's book, Eleven Rings, it breaks down the team dynamics that took the Bulls and Michael Jordan to championship heights. George Mumford helped Michael shift his perspective on being a leader of his team. George mentions that "It's all about being present and taking responsibility for how you relate to yourself and others.. and that means being willing to adjust so that you can meet people where they are. Instead of expecting them to be somewhere else and getting angry and trying to will them to that place, you try to meet them where they are and lead them where you want them to go."

Lebron and the Cavaliers have a lot of work to face off their opponents this June. May Lebron's leadership skills and his team's endurance help the odds ever be in their favor.

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Lebron James

Monday, March 23, 2015

Examining Tyga's Mindset- Do you want to be famous or rich?

                                                                         (image from imgkid,com)

Opinions on Tyga vary across the board but I want to take the time to examine this lyric of his:

" I don't wanna be famous, I just wanna be rich..."- Tyga, 40 Mill 

This lyric stood out to me because it reminded me of the question my business partner and I would ask a lot of the artist that we worked with. Do you want to be famous or do you want to be rich? While there are a few individuals who are both famous and rich, it is important that we talk about the difference. To be famous, is to be well known, well recognized. To be rich is to obtain large sums of money for your creative works. Some of the richest people, aren't necessarily known, they may be the owners and creators of a specific product. Whereas those who are famous may be living a luxurious live style that is being given to them via a loan. Their lifestyle is borrowed and any money made is taken to pay for that loaned lifestyle. 

Tyga expressed in his interview to the Breakfast club how he began to research more about the money he was supposed to be making from his label. Then he also proceeded to talk about his other business ventures. Being concerned about the growth and longevity of your money is important if one is to continue to be rich. 

So, do you want to be famous or be rich?

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Define The Problem

Today I decided that I would observe a Pitch Practice for startup companies. This is the perfect opportunity for those who want to perfect their pitch, get critiqued on their speaking skills as well as their business model. The goal for today's presenters was in a specified amount of time (30 sec.-8 mins), your audience should be able to remember your name, your Company name, your problem, your solution and what you are asking for. Our first presenter had an amazing idea for those in the labor contracting field to be able to get an interface to help them with their back office doings as well as help consumers find them to contract them out for their services.

The director of the group begins to ask about the business owner's name, the company name and then the problem. It's an open audience discussion, so when it get's to the problem, I say what I presumed to be the problem. The director pointed out to me that I had not stated the problem, but I merely stated what they did, or their solution. This moment in time led me to write up today's blog.

With our businesses, are we merely always stating what we do? Or are we showing how we solve a problem. For those wanting to start a business, just imagine how much a difference would make in your approaches to potential investors and consumers if you presented yourself as a problem solver. That is what would differentiate you from your competition. That will end up being your niche, and that is how you would better be able to find your target market.

I'll use the example of a shoe/fashion designer. The fashion designer may go around saying that they are a fashion designer. While that is a perfect sum up of what you do. Now if that same designer said, "I am a fashion designer, I design a high heel shoe that provides comfort and support," now this designer stands out. They have a niche. Find a way to define the problem and come up with your solution. People pay for problem solvers.
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