Thursday, December 25, 2014

Are You Googlable?

Are You Googlable by DrDesha

I knew an artist named Giselle Grayson that would come to my Open Mic some years ago and she had a song called "Google Me". What she realized and what we all need to come to terms with, is that in this internet age, we are quick to verify someone or something via Google, or any other internet search engine. So to say that you are 'Googlable' means that your work and activity can be found on Google.

Employers, connections, those wanting to review your products or services, will Google you. Here are a few suggestions on how you can take make your business more googlable and use internet search engines to your advantage:

-Pick an internet platform. Is your restaurant on Yelp? Can people book an appoint for your beauty services via StyleSeat? Pick an internet site that can show your work from a creative and visual aspect.

- Create content. This blog you are reading is considered content. You can create miniature blogs by posting news and updates on Twitter, or you can create a picture blog like Tumblr. Update your site regularly.

- Get others to review your work. Can you get a recommendation from a former colleague? Can you ask those who visit your establishment to rate their experience? These outside sources can add credibility to your products and services.

In case you don't know how you are viewed from an outside perspective, just google your name and aliases, see what comes up about yourself.