Monday, October 29, 2012

Skandal's Lessons

Our youth, our communities, our people- need help. I say this as a young person, and I say this as someone who turns negative to positives regularly. Marcus "Skandal" Mitchell taught a lot of things while working with him and I feel like if we do these things collectively everyday, then we'll all grow.

1. Give Praise.- Everyone has haters, okay, I get it. One of the ways that you combat that hate is to show your love. Give someone a sincere compliment. Sincerely applaud someone's efforts for trying something they want to do. Give someone positive feedback. Skandal never wanted to boo anyone. Showing that love can elevate you above any negativity.

2. Give laughter to yourself and to others. - Laughter is the best medicine. Even through all of his pain, Skandal would laugh at his successes, failures and peculiar observations. His laugh and smile were contagious. Isn't it so much easier to be around someone who is lighthearted and who can make you laugh?

3. Give of yourself.- Skandal gave of his time and resources to give people a voice. He gave advice. He gave hugs. If he had it to give it was yours. Give what you can and watch what will return to you.

4. Give Referrals.- Skandal loved to refer people to one another, especially if you were good at what you did. Your network inevitably means your networth, so treat all relationships with respect and care, and refer someone today!

Thank you for taking the time for reading my Skandalisms. Let me know if you have any comments on this, or if you have anymore Skandalisms to share. Skandal's legacy will live on.