Monday, September 7, 2015

Are You Considered a Yeller on Social Media?

Are you known as a yeller across your social media?

Some may be confused by this question because they may believe that in order for you to come off as yelling via written text you have to have exclamation points in your posts. Quite the contrary. If your social media is more of you constantly advertising your rates, mixed with buy nows and your discounts of the day- you're a yeller. You are the equivalent to a person with a bullhorn.

If you're a yeller, its very easy for you to get tuned out and people to get turned off by your messages. Try these tips in your next five posts and see the changes:

*Share your thoughts on a trending topic. For example if you're a budding restaurant owner talk about what inspired you or about your experience at another establishment.

*Thank your followers for following you. Realize that following others is a privilege

*Retweet if you like and agree with what you agree

*Share insight about your field or expertise

When you are a more talkative and becoming a source of information, more will gravitate towards in terms of followers, likes and customers.

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