Wednesday, May 27, 2015

G.O.A.T.s Only Great As Their Teams

Lebron has amazed us with his ability to work his way to his 5th NBA Final. Making bold decisions, including figuring out whether to leave or stay with Cleveland. The masses want to appoint Lebron with the label G.O.A.T., but has he earned it yet?

In Phil Jackson's book, Eleven Rings, it breaks down the team dynamics that took the Bulls and Michael Jordan to championship heights. George Mumford helped Michael shift his perspective on being a leader of his team. George mentions that "It's all about being present and taking responsibility for how you relate to yourself and others.. and that means being willing to adjust so that you can meet people where they are. Instead of expecting them to be somewhere else and getting angry and trying to will them to that place, you try to meet them where they are and lead them where you want them to go."

Lebron and the Cavaliers have a lot of work to face off their opponents this June. May Lebron's leadership skills and his team's endurance help the odds ever be in their favor.

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Lebron James

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