Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beat Lounge Beat Battle Takes Industry By The Reigns!

Beat Lounge Beat Battles (BLBB) has been an event that has showcased producers of various talent levels. The beat battles usually took place in Cincinnati and now that basic formatted event will move to Columbus, OH. More changes were discussed at the BLBB Press Conference held today at 3PM. Realizing the talent the beat battles produce, the BLBB wants to garner more coverage, prominence and prestige for their talent. A sweet-16 bracket style competition that results in a big quarterly showdown will be the battle everyone works for. BLBB is ensuring that every participant in the battle will be able to have promotional backing in addition to being exposed to those who can take their craft to the next level. Why did BLBB want to institute these changes? "People need to step their game up. If my team don't hold me accountable, no one will," stated Kontrax the BLBB host. BLBB wants producers to be able to put professionalism behind their profession. Will the producers live up to these desired expectations?

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