Thursday, July 28, 2011

Froggystyle Album Review

Hoodi Justice and Steezo Crooks from Minority have put out a reminder/reintroduction to their music. This pair was the same two that served you with the albums "Afros in the back row (I heard that and became a fan), and "Rap Rejects". Now they're back with Froggystyle. A compilation of feel good, college party music ripped over classic 80's and 90's beats.

You remember where you were when you heard A Tribe Called Quest with their song "Bonita Applebum"? What about all the numbers you got at the neighborhood cookout while Will Smith's "Summertime" was blasted through the speakers? These moments are ingrained in your soul. That's why most people frown on those who rap over classics, because if they lack theme, metaphors, and imagery then they have done the song a disservice.

With Froggystyle you don't have to search long and hard for the theme, imagery or metaphors. Minority has acknowledged that majority of their fans are the college party type and have catered to them for most of the album. Your welcomed into their life from lines like "I'll be faithful, i'll never break your heart that dangles from your navel." You find out that the unlikeliest of characters even indulge in their festive activities like on the bonus track "SpongeBob". Everyone they invited to the party (collaborations) kept the party going as well.

Minority has chosen the frog to be their symbolic party animal. And if your looking to party, you need to find out where their lilypad is.

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